Dedicated Freight

Drop Trailer Program

Intermodal Drayage

Green Logistics is a privately owned company specializing in dedicated freight programs, drop trailer transports, and intermodal drayage. We work closely with each company to design and develop logistical solutions to fit their respective needs. Our hands-on approach allows us to build sustainable results in order for our clients to reduce cost, improve efficiencies, and provide superior service to their end customers.

Green Logistics currently operates thirty (30) day cab tractors in the states of Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, NJ, Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. We utilize both day and evening drivers to meet the service needs of our clients. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our growth.

Our Services

Dedicated Freight

  • Provides client Green Logistics drivers and tractors to be utilized by clients to perform transports on a daily basis.

  • Invoices clients weekly for the tractor, hours, miles, and a per mile rate for fuel and maintenance.

  • Allow clients to have control of their freight and provide a unique level of service.

  • Drives down overall freight costs on an annual basis.

Drop Trailer Program

  • Provides drop trailers to be utilized by the client for transports by Green Logistics.

  • Allow clients to store product until ready to be shipped versus stacking items on production floor.

  • No additional storage costs incurred unless minimum moves are not met.

Intermodal Drayage

  • Drays empty containers to clients for loading and then returns loaded containers to rail yards.

  • Provide a daily update for the containers dropped, returned and billed to client.

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